Luxury Leather Style TPU Soft Cover Case For iPhone 11, 11 Pro, & 11 Pro Max

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Premium executive-style protection for your Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, & 11 Pro Max

As an Apple aficionado, to you, the Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, & 11 Pro Max constitutes the pinnacle of smartphone design. Sleek, smooth and sexy, it's the culmination of years of hard design work. With that said, you'll want a case that complements your phone without detracting from it. With an executive aesthetic that's all business, as well as a dual-material construction designed to absorb damage.

High-quality, tactile leather-style material

With this case, simply retrieving your phone from your pocket is a joy. This is thanks to ultra-high quality polyurethane leather, which not only looks great but also has a wonderfully tactile texture that makes simply holding the case enjoyable.

Flexible, durable frame for protection

Rounding off, it is a flexible thermoplastic polyurethane frame, which ensures that installation and removal of the case is as simple as simple can be. Don't be fooled, though - this is also a seriously protective case, capable of staving off scratches, scrapes, bumps and even drops - keeping your device safe and looking great.

Access to all ports, features and controls

As this leather style case has been crafted specifically for the Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro,& 11 Pro Max you can be sure that the case will allow access to all functions, features and ports of your phone - including the Lightning charging port, rear and front-facing cameras, volume keys and more.


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